Factorial – June 2011

Social media

About a year ago, I decided to make an effort with my blog, joined LinkedIn, opened a personal Facebook account and started to tweet. After an initial burst of energy, I soon failed to put much effort in and I now update my blog intermittently, seldom take any notice of LinkedIn or Facebook, and never tweet.

In an article in The Sydney Morning Herald (9 June), Valerie Khoo writes about how you can use social media for social commerce. She gives three tips:

  • Ensure your content is shareable
  • Let your customers provide real feedback
  • Integrate your strategy with other communication

Read the full article.

Since social media is not going to go away, I need to use it better. I would appreciate your tips on how to use social media and social commence well. Email mary@themfactor.com.au.

Spelling poem

Thanks to the reader who sent me this poem.

I have a spelling chequer
Its hear on my PC
It clearly Marques fore my revue
Mistakes I cannot sea.
I’ve run this poem threw it
I’m shore your pleased to no
Its letter perfect in it’s weigh
My chequer tolled me sew


Thanks to the reader who sent me the following anagrams.

  • ‘Presbyterian’ becomes ‘Best in prayer’
  • ‘Astronomer’ becomes ‘Moon starer’
  • ‘Desperation’ becomes ‘A rope ends it’
  • ‘The eyes’ becomes ‘They see’
  • ‘George Bush’ becomes ‘He bugs Gore’
  • ‘The Morse code’ becomes ‘Here come dots’
  • ‘Dormitory’ becomes ‘Dirty room’
  • ‘Slot machines’ becomes ‘Cash lost in me’
  • ‘Animosity’ becomes ‘Is no amity’
  • ‘Election results’ become ‘Lies – let’s recount’
  • ‘Snooze alarms’ becomes ‘Alas! No more z’s’
  • ‘A decimal point’ becomes ‘I’m a dot in place’
  • ‘The earthquakes’ becomes ‘The queer shake’
  • ‘Eleven plus two’ becomes ‘Twelve plus one’

King James Bible

Thanks to the reader who sent me the following link to an article on ‘The book that changed the world’.

The article starts: ‘The King James Bible celebrates its 400th anniversary this month [May], and we are still steeped in the idioms and phrases of this wondrously rich, subtle and poetic translation.’

Read more.

Editing and style conferences in Sydney

The Society of Editors (NSW) Inc. will be hosting the 5th National Editors Conference in Sydney on 7–9 September 2011.

It will be followed on 10 September by the 2011 Style Council Conference.

Quote of the month

‘You must learn to overcome your very natural and appropriate revulsion for your own work.’

William Gibson, American-Canadian author


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