Compound subjects usually take plural verbs

By Mary Morel

In grammar, the subject is what the sentence or clause is about. The subject is a noun or pronoun and usually performs that action of the verb.

We presented the business case to the committee.
The business case was presented to the committee on Monday. (This sentence is in the passive voice, so the doer is not the subject.)

When a sentence or clause has two or more subjects, they are called a compound subject.

The manager and director approved the business case.

A compound subject joined by and takes a plural verb.

John and Alison are coming for dinner.

Phrases such as together with, as well as and along with do not have compound subjects so they take a singular verb.

The manager as well as her deputy is at the meeting.
The manager and her deputy are at the meeting. (compound subject)

Some items have become joined by convention and are also treated as singular.

Bacon and eggs is my favourite meal.

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