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Shall: how to avoid using shall

By Mary Morel

Is the word shall dying out of the English language?

I was taught to say I shall, you will, he/she will, but I seldom use shall these days.

I occasionally use it in a question to make offers or ask for advice.

Shall I bring a plate?
What shall we do about the situation?

Why writers avoid shall

These days, many legal writers avoid shall because:

  • Not many people understand the traditional distinctions between will and shall
  • Shall is sometimes interpreted as may
  • Shall may be interpreted as the future tense rather than an obligation

Must is often used in legal writing for obligations and duties.

How to avoid shall

  • Use must for obligations or duties.

The client must meet the deadlines.

  • Use may to convey discretion or permission.

The client may ask for an extension.

  • Use will for the future tense.

The client will submit a report at the end of the project.

  • Use the present tense when appropriate.

If the client defaults. (Not If the client shall default.)

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