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Apostrophes with joint or singular ownership

By Mary Morel Reader’s question: Where does the apostrophe go in the following sentence? Michael and Kerry’s email addresses or Michael’s and Kerry’s email addresses Answer: The second option is correct in this example since you are probably referring to two separate email addresses. If they shared the same email address, you could have said: Michael andContinue Reading

Apostrophes with ‘s’ names

By Mary Morel Reader’s question: Should you say Frances’ book or Frances’s book? Answer: This has become a style choice because the experts don’t agree! I don’t think it matters as long as you are consistent. The Australian Government style manual The Australian Government style manual says: ‘For personal names ending in s, the situation is problematicContinue Reading


By Mary Morel | September 2010 The correct use of apostrophes This article first appeared at www.flyingsolo.com.au With so many different punctuation rules that need to be followed when writing the English language, it can sometimes get confusing. Language researcher David Graddol predicts that in 2010 there will be 2 billion people on the planetContinue Reading


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