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Apostrophes with joint or singular ownership

Depositphotos_29371873_xsBy Mary Morel

Reader’s question: Where does the apostrophe go in the following sentence?

Michael and Kerry’s email addresses
Michael’s and Kerry’s email addresses

Answer: The second option is correct in this example since you are probably referring to two separate email addresses.

If they shared the same email address, you could have said: Michael and Kerry’s email address.

When ownership is joint, you only need one apostrophe:

my mother and father’s cars (they jointly own an unspecified number of cars)

Compare this with:

my mother’s and father’s cars (they individually own an unspecified number of cars)

When apostrophes become confusing, I think it is better to write the sentence another way. For example:

I have email addresses for Michael and Kerry.
The cars belong jointly to my mother and father.
My mother and father each has their own car.

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