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Acronyms: Should you put them in bold?


By Mary Morel

 Reader’s question: Is it appropriate to put the first mention of abbreviations and appendices in bold. For example:

Widgets Pty Ltd (Widgets) is a leader in this field as shown in Appendix A.

Answer: This is a style issue so it’s your choice, but I don’t think bold is necessary. I also wouldn’t put Appendix A in bold.

Bold is useful to emphasise key words, but its overuse can be distracting.

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Full stops with abbreviations

By Mary Morel The rules around punctuation with abbreviations are as follows. Abbreviations of first letters When a word is abbreviated after the first few letters, the traditional rule is to put a full stop after the abbreviation.  Inc.    cont. However, many writers no longer use a full stop with some common abbreviations, such asContinue Reading

Abbreviations in executive summaries

Reader’s question: Should you use abbreviations and acronyms in an executive summary? My answer: As a general rule, do not use abbreviations or acronyms in an executive summary, but use your common sense. I would use an an acronym or abbreviation if it were more common than the full term or used several times. As always,Continue Reading


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