Advice and advise

Adviser or advisor?

Affect and effect

All ready and already

Although and though

Altogether versus all together

Ampersands: Should you use ‘and’ or ‘&’ in menus?

Anymore versus any more

Appendix, addendum, annexure and attachment

Appraise versus apprise

Around versus round

Assure, ensure and insure

Biannual, biennial and bimonthly

But and however

Careen versus career

Chair, chairman or chairperson

Compared with and compared to

Complement and compliment

Compound nouns create new words

Continually and continuously

Coordinate or co-ordinate?

Decision-making or decision making?

Dependent and dependant

Deprecate and depreciate

Desert and dessert

Different from, different than or different to?

Discreet and discrete

Disinterested and uninterested

Disorganised and unorganised


Either/or and neither/nor

Elicit and illicit

Eminent and imminent

Empathetic and empathic


Farther and further

Fewer and less

Flammable and inflammable

Flaunted and flouted

Focused or focussed?

Forums or fora?

Hated words: got, but, that and which

Homed and honed


Imply and infer

Inauthentic and unauthentic

Incidence and incident

Indigenous or indigenous?

Inquire and enquire

Insidious and invidious

Judgement versus judgment

Lead and led

Learned or learnt?

Loose and lose

Monies or moneys?

More than and over

Nauseous and nauseated

Not only… but also

Palindrome fun

Persons and people

Plural of status

Practical and practicable

Practice and practise

Premise versus premises

Principal and principle

Proportional and proportionate

Seating or sitting arrangements

Series – singular and plural

Shall: how to avoid using shall


Some time or sometime?

Staff or staffs?

Than and then

That – is it necessary in a sentence?

The confusing nature of the English language

There, they’re, their

Titled or entitled?

Toward and towards

Unchartered and uncharted

What and which


Which and that

While or whilst?

Who and that

Who and whom

Word teasers

‘Used to do’ and ‘be used to’


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