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Addressing a couple in correspondence

By Mary Morel Reader’s question: How should you address a married couple in a letter? Answer: I think your choice depends on the formality you want and your choices are: Dear John and Ann (My preference unless you think it is too informal.) Dear John and Ann Jones Dear Mr and Mrs Jones (or Ms ifContinue Reading

Toward and towards

By Mary Morel Reader’s question: What’s the difference between towards and toward? Answer: Towards and toward can be used interchangeably. Toward is more common in American English, whereas towards is used more in British, Australian and New Zealand English. With other -ward and -wards words implying movement, such as downwards and upwards, there used toContinue Reading


By Mary Morel This article first appeared in Flying Solo. Commas aid clarity, prevent ambiguity and indicate where you need to pause. Often you can tell if you need a comma by reading your work out loud though this won’t always work because punctuation is mainly for the eye, not the ear. We tend to useContinue Reading


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