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Practical and practicable

By Mary Morel

Reader’s question: What’s the difference between practical and practicable?

Answer: Practical means useful or matter-of-fact.

This is a practical tool.

Practicable means feasible, possible.

The backup plan was practicable.

Another important distinction is that practical can apply to people and skills, while practicable only applies to plans or actions.

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Either/or and neither/nor

By Mary Morel When two singular subjects are connected by either/or or neither/nor, use a singular verb. Either Sally or Peter is invited. Neither Sally nor Peter is invited. With either/or or neither/nor sentences, the verb agrees with the closest subject. If one of the subjects is plural, we tend to put it closest to theContinue Reading

What and which

By Mary Morel Reader’s question: Which of the following is correct and why? What information do you require? Which information do you require? Answer: In the examples you gave, what is open-ended and general and which is more closed and specific, i.e. asking for a choice between a limited number of items. For example: WhatContinue Reading


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